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So here are the rules.. Pay attention!

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So here are the rules.. Pay attention! Empty So here are the rules.. Pay attention!

Post by Stampers Mon Sep 15, 2008 1:09 pm

As you all know, forums have rules.
This one is no different, so i'll lay them out here for you...

  • No Swearing - this is mostly due to it being an open forum to anyone. And swearing isn't really needed here. If you feel you need to swear, replace the word with a bunch of asterisks like so: ****. This way you can get it off your chest without offending anyone.

  • No Racism - Straight up. Pointless abuse is not needed. If you want to be racist, go elsewhere. If you are found to be racist on the forum at all, you will enjoy your permanent, no hassle ban. you have been warned..

  • No Offensive Images - Explains itself really. As this forum involves artwork of all types, i am open to whatever people put up. But if its offensive or rude it will be taken down. If you want to run any images by me first (if you aren't sure of them), send them to me and i'll let you know if they're ok.

Thats it really!

Stick to these rules, and we'll all get along just fine!

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