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.: Signature Making Guide :.

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.: Signature Making Guide :. Empty .: Signature Making Guide :.

Post by NizKun. Wed Sep 17, 2008 6:06 am

.: Signature Making Guide :. Untitled-1copy-3

.: Signature Making Guide :. Intro-1

After reading a lots of comments from others and commenting others. I have realized that people usually miss out a few of the basic things in their signature. (it could be on purpose) For example, forgot to add light source, depth, focus. So i decided to make a tips + checklist for signature makers that somethings forget to work or add those little things into their signatures.


.: Signature Making Guide :. Tips

  • - Size of the Signature -
    The size of the signature should be kept between 350x120 ~ 400x140, make sure you dont make your signature in a big size with 3 reasons.
    1) less empty spaces after the render is put in.
    2) much easy to work with the background.
    3) it just looks better with this kind of size.

  • - Choose a render/picture/stock -
    Choose any render/picture/stock that you like to make a signature with, here is one thing that you should take note of, make sure you choose one that is high quality (its better if its over 500pixle wide and 500pixle height) The better the quality the better the sig will be. The render is mostly the focus of a signature, that's why it should be high quality.

  • - Time consuming -
    Signatures are very time consuming, however don't rush on your signatures, take your time on making it. Cause making a good signature is not only adding in a render put in a few c4d/brushes/pen tool, it's a lot more work then that. You need to choose a suitable color, add some lighting, makes the signature have a smooth looking...etc XD.

  • - Give yourself a break -
    You might be wondering what is this suppose to mean, so let me explain. As you being working on a signature for 1 or 2 hours, you brain started to get bored or function slowly. It also shut down your ability to judge and being creative. In another work it means that you could not improve your signature or tell whats is missing in your signature, but you know there is something wrong and you just can't tell what it is. This means that you need a 10mins break to refresh you mind a little. I am serious here it really helps. =]

  • - Read and Analise tutorials -
    I think most people know how to do this, but it worth mentioning. When you look thought a tutorial, you should be asking yourself these 3 questions:
    1)What style is this?
    2)How did he/her achieved it?
    3)How can this improve or even used in my signature?
    (this are the question that i ask myself, and they might help you too =])

.: Signature Making Guide :. Checklist

This checklist is in order of the way you make a signature.

  • - Background -
    Make a background out of white/Black/Stock

  • - Light source on Background -[OPTIONAL]
    Use a gradient tool to make a light source on the back of the render

  • - Color -
    Choose a color that merge well with your render.
    this render below should have a overall color with either red/orange/grey
    .: Signature Making Guide :. Gallery_18571_2_121539-1

    A few of ways to make smooth colors:
    1) Photo filter
    2) Gradient Mapping
    3) Curve
    4) Contrast/Brightness
    5) Color Balances

    *all these can be found here:
    Layer -> New Adjustment Layer ->

  • - Effects -
    now is time to add some effect here we have 4 options or even use any 2 or 3 of them together, just be creative:
    1) C4d
    2) Brushes
    3) Pen tool (vectors)
    4) Smudging (usually use for background effect)

  • - Depth -
    depth can be created in all different ways here is a list of how i made them:
    1) Blurring
    2) Contrast
    3) Lighting the foreground darken the background
    4) focus on the render (similar to blurring)

    here is a link on a full tutorial on depth its very handy =]

  • - Focus -
    many people lost their focus of their render. They try to make a very attractive effect around the render, but making the render loosing its attention. Here add some light source on the render and make sure your render is clear and attractive and it is the main focus of the signature.

  • - Light Source -
    adding a light source will give the signature a good focus, and many signature makers dont do it XD so try add it in as a finishing touch it really make your sig looks different =]

    here is a tutorial from another forum on light source do take you time reading it, its not long anyway =]

  • - Border -[OPTIONAL]
    well really this is optional addition to your signature, but sometime it makes your signature looks better. =]

I will be adding more tips when people suggest more or as i learn more everyday, hope this guide help you, cause i spend a lot of time on this =]

.: Signature Making Guide :. Gallery_27347_2_215980copy

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.: Signature Making Guide :. Empty Re: .: Signature Making Guide :.

Post by Stampers Wed Sep 17, 2008 9:47 am

very good Nizkun!

and i totally agree with the "take a break to refresh your mind". it certainly helps when you get 'designers block'.
although, the only part of this that i wouldnt follow, would be about renders. i don't use them, and never have. i'm gonna start trying them out soon, but i only feel that you need them if you want a more multi-dimensional/depthy (is depthy a word? lol i dunno...) feel to them. which i dont tend to go for.

but nevertheless, very good tutorial. I R IMPRESHED! Wink
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.: Signature Making Guide :. Empty Re: .: Signature Making Guide :.

Post by NizKun. Wed Sep 17, 2008 6:37 pm

hehe using a render is kinda of making a sig with a subject. The subject is to make your render flow with a good background and give a creative feeling and make it interesting. Yea i agree its depthy XD
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UNITY Moderator

Number of posts : 32
Age : 33
Location : Sydney, Australia
Humor : Yea A bit XD -HAHA
Registration date : 2008-09-17

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.: Signature Making Guide :. Empty Re: .: Signature Making Guide :.

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