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Hello and Welcome!

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Hello and Welcome! Empty Hello and Welcome!

Post by Stampers Mon Sep 15, 2008 12:51 pm

Hello all!

Just here to explain the idea behind UNITY and what it means...

The UNITY forum is a place to showcase the raw talent and creative styles from the player/artists of Drift City.
It allows everyone to see the work we have done, the work we are continuing to do, and the way in which we do it. From Artist showcases, to requesting work, from tips and tricks, to complete tutorials, this forum is here to show you what we can do.

Upload your images to show everyone, get constructive criticism, and learn new styles to incorporate into your pieces. Leave links to brushes, vectors, and tutorial pages to help each other. What better way to develop your techniques by having a helping hand from others!

UNITY - The reason behind the name...
Ok, well the reason i have called this group UNITY, is as follows;
At the time of writing this, a lot of signatures and artwork are appearing on the Drift City forum. I have seen a lot of good work from people who have the ability and talent to go further. Due to this, it seems like a lot of the good artists are fighting it out with each other to get work requested. What i want to do with UNITY is to unite all of them here, so that we can learn from one another, and showcase everyone's artwork in one place.

Anyway, enjoy your stay and i'll be looking forward to the work i see!

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UNITY Founder

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